Drikke / Brandy

Sum Oppskrifter 278

A.J. After Dinner Cocktail Alexander Alhambra Royale Ambrosia American Beauty American Rose Anatole Coffee Angel`s Face Apllejack Daisy Appelsinsirup med brandy Apple Annie Fruit Punch Apple Blossom Apple Blow Fizz Apple Brandy Cocktail Apple Brandy Cooler Apple Brandy Highball Apple Cart Apple Dubonnet Apple Fizz Apple Rum Rickey Apple Swizzle Applejack Collins Applejack Manhattan Applejack Sour Apricot Cocktail Apricot Fizz Apricot Fizz Apricot Lady Apricot Pie Apricot Sour B & B Babbie´s Special Cocktail Baltimore Bracher Baltimore Eggnog Barton Special Beach Buck Bentley Cocktail Bermuda Highball Betsy Ross Beverly Hills Big Apple Black Jack Blue Angel Bob Danby Bodybuilder Bombay Cocktail Bombay Punch Bosom Caresser Bossa Nova Boston Cocktail Brandied Apricot Brandied Madeira Brandied Port Brandy Aleksander II Brandy Alexander Brandy Buck Brandy Cassis Brandy Cobbler Brandy Cocktail Brandy Collins Brandy Crusta Brandy Daisy Brandy Fix Brandy Fizz Brandy Flep Brandy Gump Brandy Manhattan Brandy Melba Brandy Milk Punch Brandy Old-fashioned Brandy Pick-Me-Up Brandy Sangaree Brandy Sour Brandy Swizzle Brandy Vermout Cocktail Bronx Cheer Bulldog Bull´s Milk Bunny Bonanza Button Hook Cadiz Café Brulot Café Diablo Canadian Apple Canadian Cherry Carrol Cocktail Champagne Cocktail Champagne Cooler Champagne Cup Champagne Punch Champs Elysées Charles Cocktail Charlie Chaplin Cherry Blossom Cherry Rum Chicago Chocolatier Cake Cider Cup Classic Cocktail Coffee Flip Cognac Coupling Cold Deck Columbia Copacabana Corpse Reviver Cossack Cossack Charge Costa Del Sol Creamy Orange Cuban Cocktail Darb Deauville Delmonico Cocktail Dempsey Depth Bomb Dictator Dream Cocktail East India Egg Nogg Egg Sour Eggetoddi med konjakk El Toro Emerald English Highball Eye Openers Fairy Belle Cocktail Fancy Brandy Fantasio Favorite Fifth Avenue Fjord Flamingo Fog Cutter Frankenjack French 75 French Connection Frozen Apple Frozen Berkeley Frozen Brandy and Rum Gazette Georgia Peach Georgia Peach Fizz Gilroy Ginger Beer Gloom Lifter Golden Dawn Golden Daze Golden Dragon Golden Slipper Gradeal Special Grand Apple Green Room Grenada Harvard Cocktail Harvard Cooler Honeymoon Hoopla Hop Toad Hot Brandy Flip Hot Orange Milk Huberta Hudson Bay Ich Bien Indian Summer International Cocktail Jack Rose Jack-In-The-Box Japanese Jersey Lighting Joulouville Judgette Cocktail Kahlua Toreador Kapteinløytnant King´s Peg Kiss The Boys Good-Bye La Bomba La Jolla Lady Be Good Lallah Rookh Liberty Cocktail Lil Naue Lobomba Loudspeaker Louisiana Planter´s Punch Lugger Marconi Wireless Metropolitan Midnight Cocktail Mikado Milwaukee Mint Sunrise Montana Moonlight Morning Cocktail Mrs. Miniver Mule´s Hind Leg Netherlands Newport Cooler Nightmare Normandy Cocktail Olympic Cocktail Orange Blossom Orange Oasis Panama Cocktail Pancho Villa Panda Paradise Pendennis Club Cocktail Pippi Longdrink Polish Sidecar Polonaise Polynesian Cocktail Pomme Pomme Poop Deck Cocktail Pousse L´Amour Pousse-Café Prairie Oyster Prairie Oyster Presto Cocktail Prince of Wales Princess Mary´s Pride Prince´s Smile Puerto Apple Quaker Cocktail Red Apple Red Shadow Regent´s Punch Resolute Cocktail Rompunsj Rose Cocktail Rose Hall Nightcap Royal Smile Cocktail Saratoga Cocktail Saucy Sue-Sue Savoy Hotell Scorpion Self-Starter Sharky Punch Sherry Twist Shriner Cocktail Sidecar Sink or Swim Sir Walter Raleigh Cocktail Sleepy Head Sloopy Rudy´s Cocktail Solbærtoddi South Pacific Special Rouge Spencer Cocktail Star Cocktail Star Daisy Stinger Stirrup Cup Strega Flip Suffering Bastard Tempter Cocktail Thanksgiving Special Cocktail Third Rail Cocktail Thunder Cocktail Thunderclap Tiger´s Milk Tintoretto Torpedo Tulip Cocktail Vanderbilt Cocktail Vanity Fair Via Veneto Victor Warday´s Cocktail Warsaw Cocktail Washington Cocktail Waterbury Cocktail Weep-No-More Why Not Xanthia Yellow Fingers Yellow Parrot



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