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Drikke / Gin

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Drikke / Gin

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Abbey Alabama Fizz Alaska Albermarle Fizz Alexander Alexander´s Sister Alexandra All Stars Allen Cocktail Allies Almond Cocktail Amsterdam Angel`s Face Angler´s Cocktail Antibes Aperitivo Artie Special Artillery Cocktail Aruba Aviation Bachelor´s Bait Barbary Coast Barfly`s Dream Barnum Barton Special Bayard Fizz Beauty Spot Belmont Benieno Cocktail Bennett Bermuda Bouquet Bermuda Highball Bermuda Rose Biffy Cocktail Bijou Cocktail Billy Taylor Bird of Paradise Cooler Biscayne Cocktail Black Hawk Bloodhound Blue Devil Blue Lady Blue Moon Bonnie Prince Boomerang Boston Cocktail Boston Tea Party Bourbon Sloe Gin Fizz Brittany Bronx Cocktail Bronx Silver Cocktail Bronx Terrace Cocktail Brown Cocktail Cabaret Café de Paris Cocktail Cameron diaz Cape Cod Cooler Caruso Casino Chanticleer Charlie Chaplin Chatham Cocktail Chelsea Sidecar Cherry Cobbler Chinese Lady Churchill martini Claridge Cocktail Cloister Clover Club Cocktail Coco Chanel Cointrast Colonial Cocktail Colony Club Cooperstown Cocktail Cornell Cocktail Coronado Corpse Reviver Costa Del Sol Crimson Damingo Fly Damn the Weather Danish Gin Fizz Darb Deep Sea Delmonico Cocktail Dempsey Diamond Fizz Diamond Head Dirty martini Dixie Double Standard Sour Dry Martini Dubarry Cocktail Dubonnet Cocktail Earthquake Eclipse El Morocco Emerald Isle Cocktail Emerson English Highball Eton Blazer Fairy Belle Cocktail Fallen Angel Fare Thee Well Farmer´s Cocktail Favorite Fifty-Fifty Fine and Dandy Flamingo Floradora Florida Fluffy Duck Flying Dutchman Fog Cutter Foghorn Fraise Fizz Frankenjack Free Silver French 75 Froth Blower Garbo Genoa Gentle Ben Gibson Gilroy Gimlet Gin Aloha Gin and Bitters Gin and Campari Gin and Ginger Gin And It Gin And Sin Gin And Tonic Gin Bramble Gin Buck Gin Cassis Gin Cobbler Gin Cooler Gin Daisy Gin Fix Gin Fizz Gin Gimlet Gin Milk Punch Gin Rickey Gin Sangaree Gin Sidecar Gin Sling Gin Smash Gin Sour Gin Swizzle Golden Bronx Golden Dawn Golden Dawn Golden Daze Golden Fizz Golden Hornet Golden Rooster Golf Cocktail Gotlandsk sommernatt Gradeal Special Grand Philip V.F. Grand Royal Fizz Granville Grapefruit Cocktail Grapevine Great Dane Great Secret Green Devil Green Dragon Green Lady Greenback Gröna Hissen Gunny Gypsy Cocktail Harlem Cocktail Hasty Cocktail Hawaiian Cocktail Hawaiian Orange Blossom Hedemarkingen Hoffman House Cocktail Homestead Cocktail Honolulu Cocktail Hotel Plaza Cocktail Hudson Bay Hula-Hula Ideal Cocktail Imperial Cocktail Inca Cocktail Income Tax Cocktail Irish Shillelagh Jamaica Egg Cream Jamaica Glow Jewel Cocktail Jim Rickey Jockey Club Cocktail Johnny Cocktail Johnsen spesial Joulouville Judge, JR. Judgette Cocktail Jupiter Cocktail K.G.B. Cocktail Key Club Cocktail Kiss The Boys Good-Bye Knickerbocker Cocktail Knockout Cocktail Kup´s Indispensible Cocktail Kyoto Cocktail Lady Finger Lady Violet Leap Frog Highball Leap Year Cocktail Leprechaun Little Devil London Cocktail London French 75 Lone Tree Cocktail Long Beach Iced Tea Long Island Icetea Loudspeaker Magnolia Blossom Maiden` s Prayer Maiden´s Blush Maiden´s Dream Mainbrace Major Bailey Manila Sunset Marconi Marielle Martini Matinee Maurice Mayfair Mc Clelland Melon Cocktail Merry Widow Milano Million-Dollar Cocktail Mint Collins Mississippi Mule Moldau Moll Cocktail Monkey Gland Montmarte Moonshot Morning Joy Moro Moulin Rouge Mule´s Hind Leg Napoleon Negroni New Orleans fizz New Orleans Gin Fizz Newbury Newport Cooler Nightmare Nineteen Nineteen Pick-Me-Up Normandy Cocktail Olle Opal Cocktail Opera Opplendingen Orange Blossom Orange Buck Orange Oasis Paisley Martini Pall Mall Palm Beach Cocktail Pancho Villa Panda Paradise Parisian Park Avenue Passione Peach Blow Fizz Peggy Cocktail Pegu Club Cocktail Pendennis Club Cocktail Perfect Martini Peyton Place Piccadilly Cocktail Pimm´s cocktail Pink Gin Pink Lady Pink Pussycat Pink Rose Plaza Cocktail Pluggy´s Favorite Polish Sidecar Pollyanna Pompano Post-Modern Lemonade Princeton Cocktail Prince´s Smile Queen Elizabeth Racquet Club Cocktail Ramoz Fizz Red Carpet Red Cloud Red Devil Red Lion Red Snapper Renaissance Rendez-Vous Resolute Cocktail Road Runner Rocky Green Dragon Roles Royce Roman Cooler Rose Cocktail Roselyn Cocktail Royal gin fizz Royal Smile Cocktail Ruby Fizz Rumfustian Russian Russian Cocktail Sailor´s Pink Gin Sake martini Saketini Salt Lake Special San Francisco Cocktail San Sebastian Sapphire martini Seaboard Self-Starter September Night Seventh Heaven Sevilla Shriner Cocktail Side Car Silver Bronx Silver Bullet Silver Cocktail Silver Fizz Silver King Cocktail Silver Stallion Silver Streak Singapore Gin Sling Sloe Gin Cocktail Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe Gin Flip Sloe Gin Rickey Sloe Screw Sloe Tequila Sloe Vermouth Slow Comfortable Screw Slåpetorn-gin Smiler Cocktail Smoky martini Snake in the Grass Snowball Sogningen Solnedgang ved havet Sour Kisses Southern Bride Southern Gin Cocktail Southside Cocktail Spencer Cocktail St. Raphaël Star Daisy Stratos Strawberry Dawn Strega Sour Stright Law Cocktail Suffering Bastard Sweet Martini Sørlendingen Tailspin Taj Mahal Tango Cocktail Ten-Gallon Cocktail Thanksgiving Special Cocktail The Journalist Third Degree Cocktail Three Stripes Cocktail Thunderclap Tidbit Tiger Milk Tom Collins Tropical Doll Turf Cocktail Tutti-Frutti Tuxedo Cocktail Twin Six Cocktail Ulanda Cocktail Union Jack Union League Club Valencia Cocktail Van Dusen Velvet Kiss Verona Cocktail Victor Waldorf Warday´s Cocktail Wedding Belle Cocktail Wembly Cocktail White Lady White Lily White Rose White Way Cocktail Why Not Woodstock Xanthia Yale Cocktail Yellow Fingers Yolanda Zaza Cocktail Zenith



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