Drikke / Whisky

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Drikke / Whisky

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42nd Street 7 & 7 A taste of honey Affinity Alabama Slammer Algonquin Allegheny American coffee Anchors Aweigh Bairn Ballylickey Belt Balmoral Cocktail Banff Cocktail Barbary Coast Barbican Barton Special Beadlestone Bishop Black Dog Black Hawk Blackthorn Blended Comfort Blinker Blizzard Blood and Sand Blue Blazer Bobby Burns Bodøværingen Boliermaker Boomerang Boston Flip Boston Sour Boue´s Bourbon á la Créme Bourbon and Branch Bourbon Cobbler Bourbon Collins Bourbon Cooler Bourbon Daisy Bourbon Milk Punch Bourbon mint julep Bourbon Satin Bourbon Sidecar Bourbon Sloe Gin Fizz Bourbon Sour Bourbonella Brainstorm Brighton Punch Brooklyn Bøkeskogen spesial Cablegram California California Lemonade Canadian and Campari Canadian Apple Canadian Blackberry Cocktail Canadian Cherry Canadian Cocktail Canadian Daisy Canadian Old-fashioned Canadian Pineapple Champagne Manhattan Chapel Hill Charmer Coffee Egg Nog Commodore Commodore Cocktail Commonwealth Cocktail Cool Colonel Cowboy Creole Lady Daily Mail Damingo Fly Dandy Danny`s Spesial Delta Derby Fizz Dinah Dixie Whisky Cocktail Double Standard Sour Dry Manhattan Earthquake Egg Sour Eggetoddi med whisky Elk´s Own Embassy Royal Epletoddy Everybody´s Irish Fancy Whisky Flying Scotsman Forester Fox River Cocktail French Kiss Frisco Sour Frisvoll Cocktail Frozen Mint Julep Gaslight Glasgow Gloom Lifter Gloucester Godfather Golden Daisy Golden Glow Golden Hornet Habitant Cocktail Halley´s Comfort Hawaiian Eye Heart´s Cocktail Henry Morgan´s Grog Highland Highland Cooler Highland Fling Hole-In-One Honningtoddi Honningtoddy Hoot Mon Horse`s Neck Hot Brick Toddy Hot Milk Punch Hot toddy Hunter Hunter´s Cocktail Høstvarmer Imperial Fizz Indian River Ink Street Irish Canadian Sangaree Irish Coffee Irish Cow Irish Dream Irish Fix Irish Kilt Irish Lady Irish Shillelagh Irish Whisky Sour Italian Stallion Jamaica Shake Japanese Fizz Jocose Julep John Collins Katinka Kentucky Cocktail Kentucky Colonel Cocktail Kentucky Orange Blossom Kerry Cooler King Cole Cocktail Klondike Cooler Ladies´ Cocktail Lafayette Lasse & Odd E spesial Lawhill Cocktail Leprechaun Linstead Loch Lomond Lord Rodney Los Angeles Louisiana Planter´s Punch Mabuhay Madeira Cocktail Mamie Taylor Man O´War Manhasset Manhattan Maple Leaf Merry K Miami Beach Cocktail Milk Punch Millionaire Milwaukee Mint Julep Mint Sunrise Modern Cocktail Monte Carlo Morning Glory Fizz Mountain Cocktail Naragansett Nevins New Orleans Cocktail New Orleans Sazarac New World New York Sour New Yorker Cocktail Nordfjordingen Oh, Henry! Old Fashioned Old Pal One Ireland Opening Cocktail Oriental Paddy Cocktail Palmer Cocktail Passione Perfect Manhattan Pink Almond Plantation Punch Polar Beer Polo Dream Preakness Cocktail Presbyterian Prince Edward Quebec Cocktail Rampart Street Parade Rattlesnake Red Shadow Remsen Cooler Rhett Butler Rob Roy Rogalendingen Royal Roost Royal Scotch Rusty Nail Rye Flip Rye Whisky Cocktail S.F.Sour Sadie Smash Sandy Collins SAS Polar Sazerac Scarlett O´Hara Scotch Cobbler Scotch Cooler Scotch Holiday Sour Scotch Mist Scotch Orange Fix Scotch Sangaree Scotch Sour Seaboard Secret Serpent´s Tooth Shamrock Sharky Punch Slow Comfortable Screw Soul Kiss Southern Ginger Stiletto Stone Fence Sweet and Sour Bourbon Sweet Manhattan Temptation Cocktail Tennessee Teul Thistle Cocktail Thunderclap Tipperary Cocktail Trilby Cocktail Trois Rivieres Trolley Cooler Twin Hills Varm Whisky Egg Nog-toddi Waldorf Cocktail Walters Ward Eight Wembley Whirlaway Whisky Cobbler Whisky Cocktail Whisky Collins Whisky Cooler Whisky Daisy Whisky Fix Whisky Flip Whisky Milk Punch Whisky on the Rocks Whisky Rickey Whisky Sangaree Whisky Sling Whisky Sour Whiskypjolter Whispers of the Frost White Shadow Woodward



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